IT TheShop - Joomla 1.7 template from IceThemes

IT TheShop pattern is the property of IceThemes, as claimed by the developers, IT TheShop - one of the best joomla templates for online commerce. The template IT TheShop present another great plug-in called IceSpeed, whereby IT TheShop template will be loaded in a split second without impacting server. When you create the template developers studio IceThemes tried to pattern IT TheShop was convenient for each user. The template IT TheShop built a huge number of positions and 6 module styles.


As you can see, the template IT TheShop developers have implemented a large number of modular products that make IT TheShop template can be used not only as a template for online stores but also as a template for other sites. Also worth a few words about the variety of printing styles in the template IT TheShop. Here, the developers are also not stingy - are present styles headlines, different ways of selecting text, and more.

Styles in the template IT TheShop - 6. Each can be individually configured in the administrative center of Joomla. Also in the template IT TheShop present a custom error page (404) and pages during which the site is in maintenance / upgrade. Template IT TheShop installed on Joomla 1.7.
Demo IT TheShop: View Here
Download a template IT TheShop: IT Theshop
Download full archive of IT TheShop: IT TheShop