YT Sphere

YT Sphere - Template for Joomla 2.5 from the studio YooTheme.

Demo : YT Sphere

Subject Template YT Sphere: Universal

YT Sphere - a new development studio Yootheme. Great, simple, comfortable and modern pattern is created on a corporate framework studio called Warp Framework. YT Sphere pattern is versatile and can be used for sites of all types and subjects. It is worth noting the excellent code optimization pattern YT Sphere, moreover, the options available are several options for additional optimization / compression of web pages, which significantly reduces the load on the server and faster loading site. Template YT Sphere supports proprietary extensions and ZOO WidgetKit, as the template is pre-installed 8 customizable styles. Template deserves a rating of 5 on a five-point scale. Among many others, that YT Sphere is one of the best generics to date! In the archive there is a template file YT Sphere, quick start (demo version) and graphics (backgrounds).

Template for Joomla 2.5 from the studio YooTheme.